jewelry materials


our Keshi pearls

We use Keshi pearls as opposed to cultured round pearls because we believe there is such beauty in the uniqueness of Keshi's. Each one is shaped and colored differently making Washed Ashore jewelry completely unique and one of a kind.

Keshi's are a rare form of saltwater pearls that are found in small quantities. They are a byproduct of the pearl industry. They are an anomaly where the nacre doesn't latch onto the nucleus that was implanted inside of the mother of pearl’s membrane. As a result, the nacre starts building onto itself creating an unpredictable shaped Keshi.

Traceability is our key goal when sourcing the pearls. We have partnered with extremely knowledgeable and reliable suppliers in order to make sure that our Keshi's are the purest. Collaborating with such people also allowed us to access beautiful deadstock strands of Keshi's that are over 30 years old, hence contributing to our sustainability goal of limiting the use of new resources.

Our saltwater Japanese Akoya Keshi's are 100% pure and natural. They have not been dyed, bleached or received any treatment.


our gold & silver

There are two sustainable options when it comes to precious metals: fair trade and recycled. We chose to manufacture our products with recycled gold and silver. Our decision to use recycled metals was made because we believe in limiting the amount of new and raw materials sourcing in general. When it comes to industrial and illegal mining for metal, the impact on people and the environment can be heavy. Any mining industry can be disastrous for the environment since it requires high consumption of water, creates wastelands and pollution. Moreover, miners are often located in developing countries and can get severely exploited. This is another reason as to why we're using recycled metals. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with sourcing, extracting, processing and transporting raw or “virgin” materials are also far higher than when recycling them.

Our supplier refines the metals in their own facility and has earned certifications demonstrating their commitment to being as environmentally and socially conscious as possible. The green refinery practices refining techniques that reduce waste by up to 75%. They also recycle and reuse all water, strip all fumes of chemical traces and offer fair wages as well as high safety standards for their employees.


our diamonds & gemstones

Every gemstone and diamond collected are post-consumer stones that were extracted from vintage jewelry then upcycled and incorporated into our designs. Post-consumer jewelry is antique pieces that were purchased from consumers and then sold back into the resale market. 

Our choice to use post-consumer recycled gems and diamonds came from our strong belief in limiting the use of newly mined materials and promoting a circular economy. We have partnered with Ratree, a certified Gemologist, and Business Owner grades and values stones and specializes in post-consumer jewelry. Reducing, reusing and transforming materials has an important positive impact. It drastically minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and bypasses the negative environmental and social issues associated with sourcing, extracting, processing, transporting and cutting raw stones.